Issue One

Alien Encounters


Shooting Star

By Riveka Thevendran

“This is a bad idea!” I pointed my middle and index fingers towards the right of us, where there was a tall, wide cupboard. I looked back at her with my eyebrows raised and tried not to sigh as she stared at me blankly.

Ripple on the Pond

By Vicki Arnott

Ripple drifted slowly along the channel, stretching iser tentacles in the soft morning sunlight, adjusting iser light receptors after the long winter spent in the grotto. The sun’s warm rays brightened iser pink and purple epidermis pigments.

The Creatures

by Matariki Taonui

Darkness. I remember waking up in the depth of darkness to a noise that sounded as if a giant alarm went off. I was alone and… angry. Yes, angry. I don’t know why.

The Interrogation

by Finn Williams

“Okay, okay, one more question,” exclaims Police Chief Samson to the large crowd of news reporters swarming him, their cameras trained on his every expression, flashes blinding him with every word spoken.


by Vicki Arnott

They always talk about the fight or flight instinct when people are exposed to danger. They rarely mention the third response. It happened to me the night my friends and I camped out in the woods.

A Shaggy Blue Coat

by Alexander Pratt

“Hey there, buddy.”  I offered calmly.  “You want some corn?” 

La Nature or Nurture

by Tom Knowles

Max strained on the lead and Rod followed. Max did not walk, nor run, so much as he hopped, using all four legs at once to drag Rod along.

Cat Videos

by S. A. McKenzie

I chose a red pen from the jar and held it up. “Pen,” I said. I placed it in front of the fluffy cat.

Where Sylphs Fly

by Vicki Arnott

It is the creaking timber beams that wake me. The squeak and crack of a tired old cottage groaning in response to the insistent prodding of the youthful wind outside.

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