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Love to write? Send us your story!


Word limit: 1,000-10,000

Genre: Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy

Language: English

Rights: First world electronic rights (text), non-exclusive single use anthology rights for The Cosmic Gossip. Beyond that, copyright remains with the author.

Publishing standards: We accept well written manuscripts which adhere to our guidelines. Don’t send your first draft! For additional information refer to The Cosmic Gossip Style Guide.

What We’re Looking For

We enjoy stories filled with unique characters thrust into unusual situations, in science fiction and fantasy locations facing challenges which test them! Obstacles to overcome, journeys to take, quests to fulfil, embarking on adventures which provoke personal growth and new understandings about themselves, their relationships, and the world in which they live. Stories which inspire, delight and entertain, that give the reader new perspectives on the ordinary world, and deliver emotionally satisfying experiences are our cup of tea. We also love to be surprised so let your creativity run wild!

Who can submit?

Anyone can submit a story to us!
We welcome stories from new and young authors. We also want to provide a platform for New Zealand writers of science fiction.

Submission process

Author details required: Full name, email.

Submission Format: All stories should be in manuscript format and can be submitted in either .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX format. Refer to the article about manuscript preparation here.

Send your submission to


We want our contributors to interpret and explore broad story ideas. However, from time to time we will focus an issue on a particular theme. Stay updated through our submissions page!

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